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Doyle library at Santa Rosa Junior College.

A President's Advisory Committee

​Committee Chair​​

Dean of STEM (co-chair)

President, Academic Senate (co-chair)

​Meeting Schedule​​

​​As needed (especially in the Fall semester) 4th Friday 1:00-3:00 pm

​​Committee Function​

To develop a priority listing of regular faculty positions for consideration for the coming academic year.

​Committee Structure​

​4 Administrators
4 Faculty
Membership Total: 8
1 ex-officio from Human Resources

​​Committee Roster​

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Victor Tam (co-chair) ​A* Steven Kessler ​F
Tammy Sakanashi A* Michael Traina
Vanessa Luna Shannon A* Nancy Persons (co-chair) F*
​Kim Starke ​A* Sarah Hopkins ​Ex
Monica Ohkubo F

 *Permanent Member by Position:
  • Dean, Academic Affairs, General Education (co-chair)
  • Dean, Academic Affairs, Career Education
  • Dean, Academic Affairs, Petaluma Campus
  • President, Academic Senate (co-chair)
  • Human Resources Representative (ex-officio)
  • Dean, Student Services, Counseling

​​Committee Roster Legend​​

Type​ ​Description
A Administration​
F Faculty
C Classified
S Student
P Public​

​​Faculty Staffing Documents​

Folder: 2011-2014 Archive2011-2014 Archive
Folder: 2015-2016 Faculty Staffing2015-2016 Faculty Staffing
Folder: 2016-2017 Faculty Staffing2016-2017 Faculty Staffing
Folder: 2017-2018 Faculty Staffing2017-2018 Faculty Staffing
Folder: 2019-2020 Faculty Staffing2019-2020 Faculty Staffing
Folder: 2020-2021 Faculty Staffing2020-2021 Faculty Staffing
Folder: 2021-2022 Faculty Staffing2021-2022 Faculty Staffing
Folder: 2022-2023 Faculty Staffing2022-2023 Faculty Staffing
Folder: 2023-2024 Faculty Staffing2023-2024 Faculty Staffing
Folder: Examples Archive (Out of Date)Examples Archive (Out of Date)